Stripping For My Doctor: Game On

The next day, I walked into the clinic’s waiting room determined to execute my plan. After checking in with the receptionist, I took a seat. Then I checked to make sure the knot was secured on my pea coat. I didn’t want it accidently falling open in a room full of strangers.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, a young woman sporting a pixie cut walked from behind a set of double doors. “Ms. Jackson? Lisa Jackson?” she called out scanning the room before looking back down at her clipboard. I stood and followed her. With each stride, I could feel the bud between my thighs tightening until the friction was almost unbearable. By the time we made it to Dr. Rice’s office, the seat of my panties was completely soaked. She tapped on the door, turned the knob, and then disappeared back down the hallway.

I walked in, closed the door behind me, and then locked it. At the sound of the click, Brian looked up from his paperwork. His hazel eyes landed on me. What the hell was it about this man that made me feel like an insecure little girl every time he looked at me? Yesterday he’d dominated me. Today would be different. I pushed my nerves as far away from me as I could, and stepped away from the door. Game on!

“I wasn’t expecting you until Friday Lisa. Is something wrong?” he asked. His demeanor was cool, but his eyes betrayed him. They were dark with lust. Oh yes, he knew exactly why I’d come. I didn’t answer him. Instead, I loosened the knot on my coat allowing it to fall in a pool around my feet.

“Lisa, I don’t think this is a good idea. Yesterday, I overstepped my boundaries. But you are my patient. This can’t go on.” He walked from behind the desk and picked up my coat. “You should leave,” he said as he stretched it out towards me.

I felt as if he’d just slapped me. Yesterday, he’d refused to let me leave his bedroom, but today he was putting me out of his office? The rejection caused the back of eyes to burn. I would not cry. I lifted my chin in defiance and removed my bra. He inhaled sharply, but didn’t move toward me.

His eyes darkened to something lethal. “You’re playing with fire Lisa.”

I ignored his warning and pulled my panties down. This time he took a step forward, causing me to take a step back. “Stop,” he ordered his eyes blazing. I did as I was told. He closed the distance between us, and cup both my breasts in his hands. He used his thumbs, rubbing them across my nipples until they harden and begged for more. I could feel my body start to tremble under his touch. “Do you like this?” he asked watching me. Studying me. I couldn’t find the strength to answer him. The feeling was so erotic that I was on the verge of an orgasm and he wasn’t even touching my pussy yet.

“Answer me!”

“Yes. I like it.” I said sucking in air.

“Damn,” he said. Then his mouth was on mine. The kiss was hard and punishing. He seemed angry. But why? I pushed the question out of my mind. It didn’t matter. He wanted me. I saw it in his eyes, and I could feel more evidence of it against my stomach. His dick was rock hard.

After several moments he picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. When we made it to his desk, he sat me down on it. Then he pushed two fingers inside me as he rubbed his thumb against my clitoris. Pain and pleasure mixed, and I felt myself contract around him in a body numbing orgasm. Before I could recover, he was on his knees.

His lips were on my clitoris and then he was sucking my pussy softly. Electric currents shot through my entire body causing it to jerk involuntarily. I tried to run away from the sweet torture, but Brian wrapped his arms around my legs and pulled me back to the edge of the desk locking me in place. The pleasure escalated until I found myself pushing forward against his tongue. I could feel the second orgasm coming. The sensation was so powerful, so utterly mind-blowing that I tried to push his head away for fear that I might lose my sanity. He grabbed both my hands and held me in place until my body convulsed around him. This time I heard a loud squeal escape my throat. And then his lips crashed down on mine muffling the sound.

“Take a deep breath, and don’t clench up,” he commanded as he prepared to enter me.

“Wait, I want to taste you,” I pleaded.

“Lisa, I need to be inside you. Now!” He moaned the words into my ear as he rested his head on my shoulder. I thought over his plea. I’d never wanted to taste anyone’s dick as bad as I wanted to taste his at that moment. I pushed him backwards and fell to my knees…taking him inside my mouth before he could object again.

I twirled my tongue around the head several times, and then I began to deep-throat his dick. Each time the head hit the back of my throat, I swallowed hard. A little trick I’d learned from the internet. This allowed me to take him in even further. I heard him moan loudly and wondered if anyone in the building knew what was going on behind the doors of his office. For some reason the thought turned me on even more, and I found myself sucking him harder. I added my hand and began to stroke him as I continued my tongue play. I wanted to make him come. And I wanted him to do it in my mouth. I wasn’t sure what had come over me, I’d never let anyone do that before. But then again none of those other guys had been Dr. Brian Rice.

“Stop it Lisa, you’re going to make me nut damnit!” I heard him moan the words out, and I double my efforts to do just that. But then he pulled me up, leaned me against the desk and pushed inside me with one swift motion filling me completely. He stilled long enough to allow me a few gulps of air before beginning a slow agonizing rhythm inside me. His strokes became faster and faster until his thrusts were rocking my entire body. I matched him, wrapping my arms around his neck for support as I grinded against his dick. He continued to smash into my g-spot causing me to orgasm again.

Brian didn’t stop even though I pleaded with him to. His dick continued to stroke my soul, reaching into a part of me that I didn’t even know existed. I felt as though he was casting a spell on me, and I was helpless to stop it. “What are you doing to me?” I heard myself cry out over and over again as I pressed my face against his neck. Then I felt his body go still right before his dick began to softly jump inside me.

He laid his head on my shoulder while inhaling deep breaths. After a few moments, he began to kiss me. Slowly and softly. I found myself become aroused again and began to slowly rock back and forth against him until I felt him growing inside of me. He let out a low groan in my ear. “No Mrs. Jackson, I think the better question is what are you doing to me?”

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