What He Won’t Do: Part 1

And just like that it was over! I rolled over on my side and glared at the back of his head. I didn’t even get close to an orgasm. How could a man so fine be so goddamn lame when it came to his sex game? Better yet, how could a man with nothing short of nine inches completely miss my g-spot? Now that shit defied science!

Nick and I had been dating for eight months. But we’d only waited three weeks before we’d had sex on top of his brand new Bentley. That night, he’d eaten my pussy under the stars before we’d made passionate love right there in his driveway. I recalled being a little tipsy, but now I was convinced that I must have been outright drunk. I’d have had to be drunk to mistake his boring ass stroke for mad passionate love. And I didn’t even want to think about his pussy eating skills. I mean, that first night must have been a fluke. I remember squirting in his mouth if I didn’t remember anything else. But that had been my first and last time experiencing anything close to satisfaction in the oral sex realm.

I did my best to train him. I even made him watch pornos, and read self-help books. But none of that had transferred into the bedroom. What was worse is that he refused to try anything kinky. Maybe if he’d fuck me in my ass or indulge in a little role play or at least use the whip and nipple clamps I’d picked up from Naughty Mates…just maybe our sex life would have improved a little. If nothing else, he could have at least made sure I got mine first.

Was I asking for too much? I thought it over for about a second and then settled on a definite HELL NO. I moved closer and reached my hand around his waist. I palmed his dick and began stroking it slowly. I’d made up my mind. Tonight, he was going to fuck me right or else.

“Jazz haven’t you had enough?” he said before rolling over to lay on his stomach. This effectively blocked me from being able to play with his dick. I almost yelled out in frustration.

“Nick, we need to talk,” I said nudging his shoulder blade.

“About what?” he murmured into his pillow.

Was he really going to lay there and act like he didn’t know?! I tried to think of a nice way to put it. But what more could I say that hadn’t already been said? I’d done everything in my power to get him to see the light. This time the gloves where coming off…

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