Chronicles of a Call Girl: Part 1 & 2

I turned my first trick when I was sixteen. I can still see his dark brown eyes staring down at me as I positioned myself onto the pillow between his legs. I can smell the expensive cologne that filled my nose as I nervously fondled with the zipper of his suit pants. By the time I pulled his penis out, my palms were so sweaty you’d have thought I laced them with lube. I struggled to get a grip on my emotions, It wasn’t like I hadn’t already done it before…at least this time I was going to get paid. I was hoping the three hundred dollars he’d promised me plus the money I’d save from my summer job would be enough to get me far away from that dump I’d been forced to call home. Far away from that animal I’d been forced to call my father.

A knock at the door startled me. “Who is that?” I asked looking up at him expectantly. Aden didn’t answer me. Instead he stood up and walked out the room without even bothering to zip his pants. Immediately my heart began to pound. I’d caught a cab all the way out to his house in the middle of no fucking where. On top of that, no one knew where I was. I stood to my feet and quickly pulled on my top before walking over to my purse and shoes. When I turned back around, he was back… but he wasn’t alone. A mirror image of Aden stood next to him watching me like I was an ice cream cone on the hottest summer day. My heart began beating so fast that it hurt…I’d walked into a goddamn trap.

“My brother was wondering if he could join the party,” he said with a smirk on his face.

“No, I have to go home.” The words fell clumsily from my lips as my hand landed on the can of mace in my purse. When Aden began walking towards me, I snatched the mace out of my purse and pointed it at him. If I was going to get raped, it wasn’t happening without a fight. To my surprise, he stopped dead in his tracks. However instead of retreating, he slowly took out his wallet, pulled out ten one hundred dollar bills and then threw them at my feet. My mouth damn near hit the floor as I looked down in complete disbelief. I’d never seen that much money at one time before.

“If that isn’t enough, we’ll double it,” his twin said in a matter of fact tone.

My eyes shot up to look the twin dead in his eyes. Holy shit he was serious! His jaw line twitched slightly as he awaited my answer. I thought of my father…there was no way in hell I was going back to that house. The fear of being raped slowly began to fade away. I squared my shoulders and continued to look him in the eyes…challenging him to make good on his word. He stood well over six feet, his athletic build barely concealed by the dark, expensive-looking suit he had on. Since he and Aden were identical, my guess was that his dick was equally as huge. Damn right I wanted double!

As if he’d read my mind, his intense gaze soften, and then it broke as he flashed me a damn near perfect smile. “She better be worth it brother,” he said without ever actually looking at him. Before I knew it, I had another thousand at my feet!

I slowly lowered the can of mace that I’d been gripping the entire time the ordeal was going down. “Good girl,” Aden said before walking over and whispering into my ear, “Now strip…slowly.”

I did as I was told.

Aden sat behind me on the bed as I took off my clothes, but his brother never moved from the place he’d been standing the whole time. His stare was unnerving. He was definitely the dominant one, the one I needed to please. I forced myself to match his gaze as I slowly removed my panties, then I walked over to him. I stood on my tiptoes, and buried my hands in his dreads. Gripping them tightly, I pulled his head down until his lips touched mine. The kiss started off soft, he was reluctant. I probed until he finally broke, his lips opening up to mine. Then I broke contact! I pulled back just enough to look into his eyes. They were so glazed and needy that it took everything in me not to start kissing him again. His dick was pulsating against my stomach as he watched me.  For the first time ever, my pussy got soaking wet.

“She’s all yours brother,” I heard Aden say as he walked pass us and then disappeared out the bedroom door. His departure snapped me out of my trance… I needed that money.

“Does this mean that I only get a thousand?” I asked him nervously.

“No, I am a man of my word. The money is yours.”

I didn’t say another word for fear that he might change his mind. Instead I went down on my knees, my legs connecting with the cool wooden floor. I unzipped his pants and took his dick into my mouth so hard that it caused him to rock back on his heels. After a while of me simultaneously suck and jerking him off, he grabbed my head and began ramming his dick into the back of my throat. It wasn’t long before his loud moans became in sync with the rhythm of his strokes.

I smiled inwardly…each thrust brought me closer to my freedom… and him closer to his nut.

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