Chronicles of a Call Girl part 3

I rode silently in the back of the cab, clutching my purse tightly to my side. After several minutes I put my hand inside the purse again. It connected with several of the cool one hundred dollar bills. I began to smile. Now all I had to do was collect the other three hundred from my secret spot at the house. I’d found out through google that I couldn’t rent a car unless I was eighteen. I’d seriously thought about enlisting the help of my best friend Michelle; she was already eighteen and had gotten her driver’s license a month earlier. But in the end common sense won out. The less Michelle knew about where I was going the better chance I’d have of not being found. Everyone knew how tight we were, she’d be the first person they’d crack down on once I came up missing. I felt a hot tear roll down my right cheek, but didn’t bother to swat it away. As of now I was truly alone.

When the cab pulled up in front of the house, I instructed him to stay put and keep the engine running. It was a Friday night, a little after eight. Patrick always left work and went straight to the local bar on Fridays. He’d usually stumble in the house early Saturday morning with a raging hanger-over and a temper to match. And of course I’d be to blame for him spending all of his money the night before on gambling…or alcohol…or drugs. My body clenched at the memories. I fished the key out of my pocket and took the steps two at a time. By the time I cleared the last step, a cold chill hit the middle of spine. The door was cracked. Damnit!

I pushed the door a little with my foot causing it to open a little wider. It was dark outside, and the porch light only reached so far inside the living room. But still I could make out his silhouette slumped over on the couch. I breathed a sigh of relief. At least he was passed out drunk. All I had to do was go get the money and the bag of clothes I’d stashed in the attic. By the time he woke up, I’d be long gone!

I walked into the living room careful not to make any noise. By the time I made it pass him, the living room light popped on. I froze.

“Hello Lyric,” I heard Law’s voice say. I forced myself to turn around and face him. When my eyes finally connected with him, he was standing next to the living room door. Law was a hot-shot dope boy. Rumor was that he was even connected with the mafia. Most of the girls I knew thought he was dangerous and sexy. I just thought he was dangerous.

“How much does he own you?” I asked him with as much cool as I could muster up. My heart was slamming into my chest so hard that stars had begun to dance in front of my eyes. I blinked them away and focused.

“Oh just a couple of thousand,” he said in a nonchalant tone.

“Well today is your lucky day, because I have a couple of thousand” I said squaring my shoulders.

“Yea sure you do,” he said chuckling. Then he pushed the door closed. Immediately my heart dropped into my stomach. I quickly reached into my purse and snatched out all the money.

“Here’s your couple of thousand, now get the fuck out!” I screamed at him as I threw the money. It broke my heart to watch my chance at freedom fly out of my hand, but I knew what he was capable of. I’d heard the stories.

He looked down at the money in shock. “Wow you’ve been a busy little bitch huh?” he said as he stooped down, picked up one of the bills, and inspected it. “So how many dicks did you have to suck to make this type of money little girl?”

“Doesn’t it matter? You got your money now leave.” I reached my hand back into my purse just in case he tried some funny shit. It only took me a second to realize the mace wasn’t there. I’d been so giddy about Anthony saying he wanted to see me again that I’d completely forgotten to get it off the bedroom floor. Stupid!

“Yea I should leave shouldn’t I?” he said before picking up the rest of the money and turning toward the door. Relief washed over my entire body at the sight of his back. At least I still had three hundred in the attic. He opened the door, but then slammed it back shut and locked it. “You know Lyric, I almost forgot something?” he said turning back around.

“Yea what’s that?” I asked. By this time I had no confidence left to muster up. My voice was shaking and the tears had started to flow uncontrollably down my face.

“You know I told your father I’d give him a little more time to come up on the money. But the funny thing is that he begged me to take you instead. At first I was like nah. But then I saw you prancing your thick ass around the hood the other day and I thought to myself…Hell I got a lot of money, but a piece of ass like the one you got…well that’s a temptation I just can’t seem to pass up!”

I tried to run, but he caught me before I could make it to my bedroom door. He slammed me against wall, my head hit it so hard that I almost passed out. “Please no! I can get more money! I’ll pay you whatever you want!” I screamed as he pinned me up against the wall and began to rip at my panties. He didn’t speak, instead wrestled me until I couldn’t move, unzipped his pants, and then rammed his dick into my ass. I’d never had anal sex before, the pain was so excruciating that I thought I would die. But I didn’t.

“Patrick! You son of a bitch! Please help me… Daddy” I cried…


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