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Chronicles of a Call Girl part 3

I rode silently in the back of the cab, clutching my purse tightly to my side. After several minutes I put my hand inside the purse again. It connected with several of the cool one hundred dollar bills. I began to smile. Now all I had to do was collect the other three hundred from my secret spot at the house. I’d found out through google that I couldn’t rent a car unless I was eighteen. I’d seriously thought about enlisting the help of my best friend Michelle; she was already eighteen and had gotten her driver’s license a month earlier. But in the end common sense won out. The less Michelle knew about where I was going the better chance I’d have of not being found. Everyone knew how tight we were, she’d be the first person they’d crack down on once I came up missing. I felt a hot tear roll down my right cheek, but didn’t bother to swat it away. As of now I was truly alone.

When the cab pulled up in front of the house, I instructed him to stay put and keep the engine running. It was a Friday night, a little after eight. Patrick always left work and went straight to the local bar on Fridays. He’d usually stumble in the house early Saturday morning with a raging hanger-over and a temper to match. And of course I’d be to blame for him spending all of his money the night before on gambling…or alcohol…or drugs. My body clenched at the memories. I fished the key out of my pocket and took the steps two at a time. By the time I cleared the last step, a cold chill hit the middle of spine. The door was cracked. Damnit!

I pushed the door a little with my foot causing it to open a little wider. It was dark outside, and the porch light only reached so far inside the living room. But still I could make out his silhouette slumped over on the couch. I breathed a sigh of relief. At least he was passed out drunk. All I had to do was go get the money and the bag of clothes I’d stashed in the attic. By the time he woke up, I’d be long gone!

I walked into the living room careful not to make any noise. By the time I made it pass him, the living room light popped on. I froze.

“Hello Lyric,” I heard Law’s voice say. I forced myself to turn around and face him. When my eyes finally connected with him, he was standing next to the living room door. Law was a hot-shot dope boy. Rumor was that he was even connected with the mafia. Most of the girls I knew thought he was dangerous and sexy. I just thought he was dangerous.

“How much does he own you?” I asked him with as much cool as I could muster up. My heart was slamming into my chest so hard that stars had begun to dance in front of my eyes. I blinked them away and focused.

“Oh just a couple of thousand,” he said in a nonchalant tone.

“Well today is your lucky day, because I have a couple of thousand” I said squaring my shoulders.

“Yea sure you do,” he said chuckling. Then he pushed the door closed. Immediately my heart dropped into my stomach. I quickly reached into my purse and snatched out all the money.

“Here’s your couple of thousand, now get the fuck out!” I screamed at him as I threw the money. It broke my heart to watch my chance at freedom fly out of my hand, but I knew what he was capable of. I’d heard the stories.

He looked down at the money in shock. “Wow you’ve been a busy little bitch huh?” he said as he stooped down, picked up one of the bills, and inspected it. “So how many dicks did you have to suck to make this type of money little girl?”

“Doesn’t it matter? You got your money now leave.” I reached my hand back into my purse just in case he tried some funny shit. It only took me a second to realize the mace wasn’t there. I’d been so giddy about Anthony saying he wanted to see me again that I’d completely forgotten to get it off the bedroom floor. Stupid!

“Yea I should leave shouldn’t I?” he said before picking up the rest of the money and turning toward the door. Relief washed over my entire body at the sight of his back. At least I still had three hundred in the attic. He opened the door, but then slammed it back shut and locked it. “You know Lyric, I almost forgot something?” he said turning back around.

“Yea what’s that?” I asked. By this time I had no confidence left to muster up. My voice was shaking and the tears had started to flow uncontrollably down my face.

“You know I told your father I’d give him a little more time to come up on the money. But the funny thing is that he begged me to take you instead. At first I was like nah. But then I saw you prancing your thick ass around the hood the other day and I thought to myself…Hell I got a lot of money, but a piece of ass like the one you got…well that’s a temptation I just can’t seem to pass up!”

I tried to run, but he caught me before I could make it to my bedroom door. He slammed me against wall, my head hit it so hard that I almost passed out. “Please no! I can get more money! I’ll pay you whatever you want!” I screamed as he pinned me up against the wall and began to rip at my panties. He didn’t speak, instead wrestled me until I couldn’t move, unzipped his pants, and then rammed his dick into my ass. I’d never had anal sex before, the pain was so excruciating that I thought I would die. But I didn’t.

“Patrick! You son of a bitch! Please help me… Daddy” I cried…


Chronicles of a Call Girl: Part 1 & 2

I turned my first trick when I was sixteen. I can still see his dark brown eyes staring down at me as I positioned myself onto the pillow between his legs. I can smell the expensive cologne that filled my nose as I nervously fondled with the zipper of his suit pants. By the time I pulled his penis out, my palms were so sweaty you’d have thought I laced them with lube. I struggled to get a grip on my emotions, It wasn’t like I hadn’t already done it before…at least this time I was going to get paid. I was hoping the three hundred dollars he’d promised me plus the money I’d save from my summer job would be enough to get me far away from that dump I’d been forced to call home. Far away from that animal I’d been forced to call my father.

A knock at the door startled me. “Who is that?” I asked looking up at him expectantly. Aden didn’t answer me. Instead he stood up and walked out the room without even bothering to zip his pants. Immediately my heart began to pound. I’d caught a cab all the way out to his house in the middle of no fucking where. On top of that, no one knew where I was. I stood to my feet and quickly pulled on my top before walking over to my purse and shoes. When I turned back around, he was back… but he wasn’t alone. A mirror image of Aden stood next to him watching me like I was an ice cream cone on the hottest summer day. My heart began beating so fast that it hurt…I’d walked into a goddamn trap.

“My brother was wondering if he could join the party,” he said with a smirk on his face.

“No, I have to go home.” The words fell clumsily from my lips as my hand landed on the can of mace in my purse. When Aden began walking towards me, I snatched the mace out of my purse and pointed it at him. If I was going to get raped, it wasn’t happening without a fight. To my surprise, he stopped dead in his tracks. However instead of retreating, he slowly took out his wallet, pulled out ten one hundred dollar bills and then threw them at my feet. My mouth damn near hit the floor as I looked down in complete disbelief. I’d never seen that much money at one time before.

“If that isn’t enough, we’ll double it,” his twin said in a matter of fact tone.

My eyes shot up to look the twin dead in his eyes. Holy shit he was serious! His jaw line twitched slightly as he awaited my answer. I thought of my father…there was no way in hell I was going back to that house. The fear of being raped slowly began to fade away. I squared my shoulders and continued to look him in the eyes…challenging him to make good on his word. He stood well over six feet, his athletic build barely concealed by the dark, expensive-looking suit he had on. Since he and Aden were identical, my guess was that his dick was equally as huge. Damn right I wanted double!

As if he’d read my mind, his intense gaze soften, and then it broke as he flashed me a damn near perfect smile. “She better be worth it brother,” he said without ever actually looking at him. Before I knew it, I had another thousand at my feet!

I slowly lowered the can of mace that I’d been gripping the entire time the ordeal was going down. “Good girl,” Aden said before walking over and whispering into my ear, “Now strip…slowly.”

I did as I was told.

Aden sat behind me on the bed as I took off my clothes, but his brother never moved from the place he’d been standing the whole time. His stare was unnerving. He was definitely the dominant one, the one I needed to please. I forced myself to match his gaze as I slowly removed my panties, then I walked over to him. I stood on my tiptoes, and buried my hands in his dreads. Gripping them tightly, I pulled his head down until his lips touched mine. The kiss started off soft, he was reluctant. I probed until he finally broke, his lips opening up to mine. Then I broke contact! I pulled back just enough to look into his eyes. They were so glazed and needy that it took everything in me not to start kissing him again. His dick was pulsating against my stomach as he watched me.  For the first time ever, my pussy got soaking wet.

“She’s all yours brother,” I heard Aden say as he walked pass us and then disappeared out the bedroom door. His departure snapped me out of my trance… I needed that money.

“Does this mean that I only get a thousand?” I asked him nervously.

“No, I am a man of my word. The money is yours.”

I didn’t say another word for fear that he might change his mind. Instead I went down on my knees, my legs connecting with the cool wooden floor. I unzipped his pants and took his dick into my mouth so hard that it caused him to rock back on his heels. After a while of me simultaneously suck and jerking him off, he grabbed my head and began ramming his dick into the back of my throat. It wasn’t long before his loud moans became in sync with the rhythm of his strokes.

I smiled inwardly…each thrust brought me closer to my freedom… and him closer to his nut.

A Merry Fucking Christmas: Part 1

Yesterday I’d finally found enough energy to sign the divorce papers and mail them back off. Today, I’d woken up extremely late for work thanks to the empty bottle of wine that sat uncorked next to the night stand. After getting halfway dressed, I decided to hell with it and called in. Then I’d crawled my still buzzed ass back into bed with my clothes still on. Surely the bank could function one day without me. Besides, I’d be more like the Grinch than their supervisor today… I was doing them a favor.

The annoying alarm clock sounded off as a reminder that I’d have to eventually get up and move on with my life. I’d already hit the snooze button so many times that I’d lost count. I opened one eye and peered over at the bright red numbers on the little black box. It was already after twelve o’clock. I was about to pull the covers back over my head when my door began to creep open. Moments later my daughter Bri pounced on top of me.

“Get up mommy. I already ate breakfast so now all you have to do is take me to the mall,” she said smiling.

“The mall?” I asked as I turned over in my bed to face her tiny little frame.

“Yea to see Santa remember?” Her eyes lit up brighter than the lights on the seven feet tall Christmas tree that stood facing our living room window downstairs. I’d completely forgotten that in my attempt to get her to chill out and let me sleep I’d promise to take her to see the big golly fake. As much as I adored seeing her semi toothless smile, I really hated letting that guy take credit for all my hard work and not to mention my hard earned money. I mean her father and I had spent hundreds on those gifts, and now I’d have to take her to see some seasonally employed misfit with a glued on bread who’d ultimately take credit for it all. I let out a groan.

“Mommy?” she said reaching up and touching my forehead. “Are you feeling sick?”

“No baby,” I lied. As I laid there looking at her, I seriously considered breaking my promise to Kenneth. We’d agreed to wait until she was ten to tell her, but what harm would telling her two years earlier do?

“Well when we go see Santa, you can ask him to save you and daddy’s marriage.” She paused as if in deep thought then added “I’m sure he can help.”

I pulled her down onto my chest and hugged her tightly. Her innocence was beautiful and part of me wanted her to stay that way for as long as possible. I felt several hot tears roll down my face as she hugged me back. Sometimes the truth just wasn’t worth it.

“I’ll think about asking him okay. Now go get your coat and shoes. We’re going to see Santa!”


When we got to the mall it was packed, but to our surprise it was only a few children standing in the line waiting to see Santa. The other parents stood off to the sides and let their children have their turns alone, but when Bri’s turn came up I held her hand and walked up the three steps and onto the platform with her. I stood back a couple of steps and let her talk to the mall Santa, but I made sure to keep my eyes on them at all times. I didn’t trust mall Santa’s because honestly I could never be sure who was behind the fat suit and the paste-on beard. He saw me watching them and to my surprise winked at me. I stiffly smiled back, but was forced to look away when his cinnamon eyes refused to stop watching me. I silently chastised myself for acting like a shy high school girl and then returned my eyes back to Santa. That’s when he waved me over.

“Bri tells me that you have something to ask me?” he said flashing me a perfect white smile. Once again I felt like that shy high school girl. The butterflies in my stomach began to flutter around. I looked him over, interested to know more about the man behind the Santa suit and the cinnamon colored eyes. His skin was a flawless smooth chocolate with no wrinkles, and aside from the fake protruding belly I could see that the rest of his tall frame was lean and the complete opposite of any of the previous Santa’s I’d ever encountered. If I had to take a guess, he was probably in his early thirties… if that.

“No that’s okay, maybe next time,” I responded and then grabbed my daughter’s hand pulling her away from the stage.

“Are you sure you don’t want to sit on Santa’s lap?’ I heard his smooth baritone voice say from behind me. For some reason I stopped and turned around to look at him even though the little voice in my head was telling me to haul ass. I hadn’t imagined the suggestiveness in his tone, and even if I had his eyes were definitely full of burning lust. I slowly walked back toward him and then sat my rounded ass gently down on his lap. For the first time since my husband had dumped me, I felt alive. My eyes fell on his full lips and the slowly worked their way up to connect with his eyes.

“So tell me have you been naughty or nice?” he ask as he brought his hand around to rest on my hip.

“Oh I’ve been nice,” I said.

“So tell me what you’d like me to bring you for Christmas,” he said moving his hand to the lower part of my back and gently stroking it. My pussy instantly began to purr. I looked over at my daughter; she was admiring the larger than life Christmas tree. I could tell that she as well as everyone else was totally in the dark about what was taking place between me and Santa. I lowered my voice to a whisper so that my words would only reach his ears. As I told him exactly what I needed for Christmas, I felt his dick began to swell against my outer thigh. I wanted to reach down and stroke it, but didn’t want to take the risk of getting caught.

I licked my lips while gently rubbing my leg against the bulge in his pants. “What time do you get off?” I whispered as my daughter turned her attention away from the tree and began making her way back over to us.

His Dessert: The Ice Cream Parlor Chronicles

I checked my watch as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. I still had ten minutes. After a stressful day at the office and an unexpected breakup via a sorry ass text from Michael, all I wanted to do was get home. I had every intention to kick off my shoes once I got there and fall asleep watching a random rerun of one of my beloved 90s sitcoms. A little comedy was sure to lift my spirits. But first, I needed some comfort food.

It wasn’t that I planned to go into deep mourning or anything. In all honesty Michael and I had been on the brink for months now. I’d tried my best to keep things afloat, but after his psychopathic ex-girlfriend keyed my car a couple of weeks prior I’d withdrawn from him and all the bullshit. However ending a relationship was never easy for me, even when it turned out to be a really shitty one. I sighed heavily as I unbuckled my seat belt and then cut the engine of the Altima. It was really over.

As soon as I stepped onto the sidewalk in front of All Things Sweets Ice Cream Parlor, the lights on the ‘Now Open’ sign popped off. Damn! I rushed up to the door just as a man appeared out of nowhere, his tall masculine body filling the frame. “Sorry Ma’am, we’re closed,” he mouthed as he reached down to turn the lock. For a moment, my eyes locked onto the most sensual set of chocolate lips I’d ever seen in my twenty eight years on earth. It wasn’t until I heard him click the lock into place that I finally snapped out of my daze.

“I still have five minutes,” I mouthed back while pointing to my watch.

He shook his head from side to side and then reached up to pull down the blinds.

“Look I just got dumped and I need some damn ice cream!” I screamed through the glass like a mad woman. As soon as the words were out, my hand flew up to my forehead slapping it hard in protest to my outburst. When I finally reopened my eyes, I realized that he hadn’t closed the blinds yet. Instead, he was standing there looking at me with his thick untamed brows furrowed over his memorizing brown eyes. He probably thought I was a lunatic, but at this point I didn’t care. I clasped my hands together into a praying hands motion to further plead my case. I really needed that ice cream.


“Thanks so much for letting me in,” I said as I walked behind him. I tried my best not to keep checking him out, but the jeans and black tee-shirt were wearing him like a second skin. No wonder my sister had called me twice last week to see if I wanted to hit the ice cream parlor with her. She’d told me the new owner was good looking, but with her taste in men I wasn’t sure what that meant. Tracey didn’t always get it right but she’d hit the nail on the head with this one!

“So what will it be,” he asked as he washed his hands with his back turned towards me.

“A gallon of praline ice cream, and two of your glazed donuts. No make that three.” I said sitting my purse down on the counter.

“Must have been a really bad breakup,” he said turning around to look at me as he dried his hands on a paper towel. His stare sent a warm chill down my spine. Finally, I broke the heated contact by looking back down at my purse.

“Something like that,” I said as I continued to ramble through my purse for my debit card. When it dawned on me that I’d left the house without any money I damn near screamed out in frustration. This day had been completely tragic with a capital T.

“Something wrong?” he asked as he eyed me and my purse.

“I left my money at the house, sorry for putting you through the trouble. Maybe next time,” I said the last part more to myself than to him. I turned away from the counter feeling defeated.

“Hold on. I can’t let you leave without this ice cream. So I guess I’m just going to have to give it to you.” He placed the donuts and ice cream in a bag and then held it out towards me while flashing me a gorgeous smile. My knees went weak. It was no longer the ice cream I was craving, but I walked back over and took the bag anyway.

When we finally made it to the door, I grabbed the knob but then turned around to face him. “I’ll come back tomorrow after work and pay for this. I really appreciate your kindness,” I said smiling up at him. By now his lips were so close to mine that I could almost taste their sweetness. He must have somehow read my mind because before I knew it, he’d leaned down and covered my lips with his. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally broke the kiss. I felt dizzy, but I managed to steady myself by placing my hand against his chest. “I really should go,” I said but didn’t move as I stared up into his alluring eyes. By now my panties were completely wet.

“Or you could stay for dessert,” he said and then reached behind me to pull down the blinds.

I started to object but my body wouldn’t let me; it was literally begging to be touched by him. I gave in and let the bag slide from my hand as he gripped my ass cheeks bringing them up to his waist. Luckily I had on a skirt which he easily pushed up over my hips. I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders for support. “I’ll buy you some more,” he whispered in my ear. I had no idea what he was talking about and was about to ask him what he meant until he hooked his fingers around the seat of my thongs and ripped them off me. His roughness turned me on even more and I found myself grinding up against him as he struggled to quickly undue the button of his jeans. After several seconds of unsuccessful attempts, he left the button alone, unzipped his pants, and then shoved his huge dick inside me in one hard stroke.

“This is the best dessert a girl could ask for,” I moaned into his ear as he fucked me up against the door of the ice cream parlor.

The Ultimate Betrayal Short Story Up for Sale: 13 New Pages!


Hey guys, I took The Ultimate Betrayal blogs and expanded them into 21 pages of drama, suspense and hot sex scenes…that means there is 13 new pages just waiting to be read by you!

Amanda finds out that her husband-to-be is having an affair just days before they are set to exchange vows. What ensues is a plan for the ultimate payback…and she has her eyes set on his best friend. But what will happen when a payback fling threatens to turn into something more?

Excerpt: “I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing. But Braelyn is my friend. And my business partner. Do you know what kind of hell would break lose if he found out about this?”

I started to tell him that I didn’t give a damn about Braelyn finding out. But I’d come there for action not a debate. I reached behind my back and unzipped my dress. Then I let it slide down to my feet. I was completely naked underneath.

“My fiancé is somewhere screwing his latest conquest. And I think it’s about time that I have a little fun myself. Wouldn’t you agree?” I asked as I slowly walked towards him.

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The Secrets He Kept

He tied my hands to the bed posts, one at a time. I gave him a sexy smile as he double-checked the knots, making sure my hands were secured into place. Then he reached down and pinched both of my nipples simultaneously. I cried out in satisfaction.

“Ashley?” he whispered.

“Yes,” I purred back. I felt his manhood instantly harden against my stomach. He was really into this role playing thing. The first time he’d called me Ashley, he’d caught me off guard. I’d never done anything like that before with my other lovers. But now, it excited me beyond measure. He reached down and hooked two fingers inside my thongs, his knuckles slightly brushing against my pulsating womanhood. Then he ripped them off with one quick motion. I shoved my hips up toward him in response.

“Say you love me, Ashley,” he moaned into my ear as he entered me roughly.

“I love you,” I screamed out, pushing against him harder.

“Say you’ll never leave me again.”

Again? The word rung in my ears. Had he just said again? For the first time, it dawned on me that Ashley might be more than just a fictional character in me and Darius’ kinky role play episodes. I felt a pain invade my chest at the thought. I wanted to question him about it, but I knew that it would ruin the moment. Besides, what if I was wrong? I’d already ruin one relationship with my trust issues. I pushed the thought aside and focused on the pleasure.

“Keep fucking me just like that baby,” I said moving my hips forward so that I could take every inch of him. Suddenly, I felt his body go stiff. I opened my eyes to see obscure eyes staring back at me.

“Darius?” I could feel the fear creeping up my spine. I began to pull against the silk scarfs to no avail; they held my hands captive against the bed posts. Oh my god, I thought as he continued to stare down at me with empty eyes. “Darius what’s wrong?” I heard myself say again, my voice trembling.

He didn’t answer me. Instead, he wrapped his hands around my neck and began to squeeze.

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The Ultimate Betrayal: Part 2

“Hi.” I gave him a sexy smile as I side-stepped him and walked into the foyer. I made sure my ass was turned towards him long enough for him to get a good look. Then I turned back around.

“Thanks for letting me come over.”

“No problem. Are you okay?” He asked looking me over. I could tell by the look on his face that my ‘fuck me up against the wall’ dress had gotten his full attention. Operation Payback was now in full effect.

“Yea I’m okay now. I guess being alone in that huge house had me hearing things. The security guard said that everything checked out fine,” I lied. As I watched him, I begun to question why I’d chosen his best friend in the first place. Vincent was definitely hotter; from his coal black curly hair to his 6’2 athletic build to his lickable sun-kissed skin. And then there was the huge bulge in his pants. If it was any indication of what I’d been missing out on, then I was glad that life circumstances had brought me here. I licked my lips as I eyed it, not trying to conceal my admiration.

He cleared his throat calling my attention back to his alluring brown eyes. “I tried to call Brae,” he said. “I got the voicemail too. He’s probably in an area with bad service or something.”

“Yea that must be it,” I said in a sarcastic tone as I placed my hand on my hip. Vincent and Braelyn were super close, so my guess was that Vincent knew exactly where he was and why he wasn’t answering his phone.

“So, you want to just chill in the guest room until he calls back?” he asked. I noticed that he hadn’t commented  on my snide remark. Even more proof that I’d been playing the fool while everyone else had sat back and watched the show. I felt the anger began to rise within me again. But I quickly silenced it. Control was key.

“So how long have you known about it?” I asked with a humorless smirk on my face.

“Known about what Amanda?” He sounded nervous. He even started fidgeting with the gold Rolex around his wrist. I stared at him for a few moments longer, until he diverted his eyes away from me.

“Sure the guest room is fine,” I replied ignoring his question. I turned and began to walk towards the living room. “Mind if I take off my shoes?” I stopped when I made it to the sofa, and bent over slowly to remove my heels. I could feel my dress rising up until it exposed the bottom of my ass cheeks. By the time I’d gotten my last shoe unstrapped, Vincent had rounded the table and was now standing in front of me.

“What the hell are you doing Amanda?” he growled. He grabbed my arm and snatched me up to a standing position.

“I’m taking off my shoes,” I retorted feigning innocence.

“You know I’m not taking about your damn shoes.”

My heart began to race as the contact of his hand on my arm sent an electric jolt through my body. I looked into his eyes. I could see the confusion. The anger. But there was also pure lust there too. This could only go one of two ways. Either he would give in or he’d send me packing. I was determined to have things my way. To have him my way. I stood on my tip-toes and gently kissed him on his lips. For a moment he held his lips to mine, but then he broke away and released my arm.

“I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing. But Braelyn is my friend. And my business partner. Do you know what kind of hell would break lose if he found out about this?”

I reached behind my back and unzipped my dress. Then I let it slide down to my feet. I was completely naked underneath. “My fiancé is somewhere screwing his latest conquest. And I think it’s about time that I have a little fun myself. Wouldn’t you agree?” I asked as I walked toward him. He grabbed my wrist when I reached down to touch his dick. It hurt a little, but that only turned me on more. I used my free hand to grab his. Then I pressed it to my left breast. With my hand placed over his, I began to massage myself until a moan escaped my throat. That’s when it happened.

He bent down and began to suck on my nipple. Yes! Yes! Yes!  I screamed on the inside as I threw my head back and reveled at the feel of his hot tongue on my body. After he’d devoured both my breasts, he picked me up and hosted me above his hips. I felt the muscles in his shoulders ripple under me as I wrapped my arms around his neck for support. He used his free hand to release his dick from his pants and guided it into my pussy. Then he slowly began to tongue kiss me. The feeling was intoxicating. I began to grind against his dick, enjoying the feeling of every inch of him as he pushed in and out of me. He squatted slightly while leaning me backwards and continued to smash his dick into me, crashing into my g-spot until I screamed out in sweet agony. My pussy walls clenched around him tightly, contracting and releasing in the aftermath of the orgasm.

“I heard you like to be fucked in the water,” he whispered in labored breaths in my ear after a few moment of silence.

“He told you?!” I asked leaning back to look him in his eyes.

“He’s told me a lot of things, but he’s never told me how perfect you were naked. I just couldn’t resist you” he said grabbing a fist-full of my hair and leaning me back until he had full access to my lips. He kissed me deeply using his tongue to tickle and toy with the insides of my mouth. “Now go wait for me by the pool.”


When Vincent finally came out, I was sitting on the side of the pool wading my feet in the water. I looked up to see him carrying a food tray. His dick was swinging freely, as his muscular body moved towards me under the dim light. My body began to react immediately.

He sat the tray down in front of me and then join me in sitting by the pool. The tray contained and array of fruits, chesses, two glass of wine, and a tube with what looked like a clear gel inside it. My interest piqued immediately. I reached out to grab it, but he caught my hand.

“I heard you tried anal too but never really found a niche for it,” he said giving me a sexy grin. I felt the blood rush to my face in embarrassment. How much shit about our bedroom life had Braelyn let leak out? I tried to think of a witty comeback, but came up empty.

“No need to be embarrassed. He was just doing it wrong. You see, he’s always been the anxious type. But me, I like to take my time.” He held up the tube for me to inspect. “This is a numbing cream. It’s said to make the experience much more pleasurable. You want to try it?”

“Does it work?” I asked a little hesitant.

“Get on your knees and we will see,” he challenged. I rolled over, and then tutted my ass up towards him. The next thing I felt was his finger rubbing a cool gel on the outside of my anus. Then he began to push it inside of me; His finger going in and out of my ass in slowly steady movements. At first it felt very uncomfortable, but after a couple of strokes it began to feel kind of good. I felt my pussy getting wet even though he wasn’t probing me there.

After a few moments, he flipped me over and pulled me onto his lap.

“Now what?” I asked kind of disappointed that he’d stopped.

“Now I feed you until the cream does its job.” He lifted a strawberry up to my lips and I took a bite. Then I kissed him, pushing a piece of it into his mouth.

“Damn I think I’m liking this a little too much,” he whispered as he leaned back to look me in my eyes.

I smiled back at him and then slid down into the water. I had been wanting to taste him since I’d seen his big juicy dick bouncing towards me on his walk over from the house. I grabbed the wine glass and took a sip. Then I held it down low and dipped the length of his penis into it.

“What are you doing Amanda?” he asked me, his eyes bright with anticipation.

“Just try not to fall in love,” I replied as I dipped my head and licked the wine off the head of his dick.

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The Ultimate Betrayal

My eyes were glued to the computer screen as I watched their every move. Maybe there had been some kind of mix up. Maybe the private investigator had fucked around and surveilled the wrong person. After all, I could only see the back of the man’s head. He was leaning in close, as if he was whispering in her ear. His hand placed between her thighs. The camera zoomed in closer as his hand began to move. Then the focus switched to her face. Her eyes were closed; and although there was no audio, it was clear that she was moaning.

How many times had he evoked those same facial expressions out of me? How many times had he played in my pussy in that very booth? I felt the tears burn my eyes. I swatted them away, and refocused in on the video. I wanted to see his face. I needed to see his face. It was the only thing that would make my heart accept the truth. He stood up from the booth. Our booth, and then grabbed her hand. I knew where they were headed. He’d taken me there before. If I closed my eyes, I could still see the writing on the wall of the stall he’d fucked me in our very first time. And then so many times afterwards.

When they made it to restroom door of Club Liaison, he finally turned around and looked right into the camera. My heart stopped beating as Joe zoomed in on his face. Joe continued to follow him and his unnamed whore until they disappeared behind the door of our stall.

“Son of a bitch!” I yelled as I smashed the laptop down onto the kitchen island snapping it in half. I felt the blood rush to my head right before little stars began to dance in front of my eyes. I reached out and grabbed the counter, holding onto it for support. Then I began to inhale deep breaths just like my doctor had recommended. After several moments, the stars began to dissipate.

“Amanda? Amanda are you okay?” I heard Joe’s voice drift through the speaker of my iPhone. He’d been completely silent for the last ten minutes as I’d watched live footage of my husband-to-be deal me the ultimate betrayal. I reached down and picked the phone up off the counter.

“No. I’m not okay. But I will be,” I said before disconnecting the line.

I’d given him two fucking years of my life. Two fucking years! I snatched open the refrigerator door and grabbed an unopened wine bottle. I popped the cork, and turned it up in one fluid movement. After several long gulps, I began to scroll down my contact list. I needed to vent.

Then it hit me. I’d alienated my entire fucking family trying to be his wonder-woman. No one would give a damn that he was out cheating on me just days before we were set to exchange wedding vows. In fact, everyone else probably already suspected…or knew. I mean the signs had been there. But I’d been so in love, that I’d ignored every last one of them until two weeks ago. I felt hot tears roll down my cheeks. I’d given him complete control, and in the end he’d pissed on me without the courtesy of calling it rain.

I’d almost made it to the bottom of my contact list, before I came to the name that stopped me dead in my tracks. The answer was right there in front of me.


His best man.

His best friend.

I hit the call button, and waited.

(Click HERE to purchase this full erotica short story for only $0.99cents!)