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The Print Inside His Gray Sweats

I calculated my bills in my head, and subtracted that from the amount of money I had in my savings. If I budgeted carefully, I could quit today as long as I found another job within two months. I thought it over in-between interviewing clients. By lunch time, I was convinced it was the right thing to do. I heard a commotion as I gathered a few of my things, and peeped my head out my office door to see what was going on. My boss’s daughter, Cruella Deville number two, was standing at the front desk arguing with an interviewee.

As I got closer, I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. According to her, he wasn’t dressed appropriately. I looked him up and down from behind. As much as I hated her, she had a point. He was sporting a black tee, and some gray sweat pants. It was definitely out of place amongst all the suits and ties.

“Ma’am if I could have worn something more suitable, don’t you think I would have,” I heard him say. He sounded frustrated…and maybe a little sad.

I approached them and cleared my throat to get her attention. They both turned to look at me. My eyes locked with his. He was fine. On top of that his skin looked as though it had been covered in molasses. My eyes drifted down to his pants. Oh my! His dick print was enormous. My mouth watered immediately. I imagined myself dropping to my knees and taking it into my mouth. The thought only turned me on more.

“What seems to be the problem here Karen?” I asked.

He answered instead, his eyes glowing up with what looked like hope. “Hi my name is Brandon. I had a house fire last night. Lost everything. Now she’s telling me that I might loss an opportunity at this job because of my clothing.”

I looked back down at his print bulging against the gray sweats.

“Hi,” I said shaking the hand he extended. “I’m Trina, supervisor her at On Time Staffing. I hope you understand Ms. Karen’s need to uphold our image and professionalism here at the office. ” I turned and gave her a fake smile. “Karen can you reschedule him for an interview with me tomorrow. I’m sure he can scrounge up something a little more appropriate by then.”

She reluctantly agreed.


Later that night I pulled up at the hotel Brandon was staying in. I had googled the number he’d written down. It had turned out to be a landline at a small bed and breakfast named Lily’s Place. I’d tried to talk myself out of going. But then I thought of how his dick molded itself against those gray sweats, and I’d lost all resolve. I was walking toward the entrance trying to figure out what excuse I’d give for coming to find him when I saw him getting out of his car. I froze. It was then that I realized I’d lost my mind. There was nothing I could say that would make any sense. He’d probably end up just calling the police. I turned on my heels and hauled ass back to my car. By the time I opened the door, I heard him yell out my name. Damn! He’d seen me. I sucked in a long breathe and slowly turned around. By the time he made it to me, my nerves had turned my stomach into knots.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“Can I be honest with you?” I felt my temperature rising as my eyes once again landed on his dick print; the nervousness in my stomach now replaced by lust.

“Honesty is always the best policy,” he said flashing me a gorgeous smile. Then he licked his full chocolate lips.

I stepped closer and kissed him. The first kiss was over just as quick as it started. I half expected him to push me away. Instead, he grabbed me by my head and pulled me back into him. He shoved his tongue into my mouth, and I opened further giving him full access. Without breaking the kiss, I maneuvered my body so that I could push my hand into his sweats. I began to massage the head of his dick as I continued to tongue fuck his mouth.

He moaned into my mouth, then pushed me up against the car and wedged one leg in-between my thighs. Then he pulled my dress up until it was trapped under the cuff of my ass. To my surprise, he dropped to one knee and started licking my pussy through my lace panties. I moaned out loud. I couldn’t believe I was getting my pussy ate outside in a hotel parking lot by a complete stranger. I’d only dreamed of doing something like this, but never thought I’d actually have it happened to me.

A car engine started up startling me. I pushed his head away. My heart was beating so fast that I could hear it in my ears. He got up off his knee and then kissed me in my mouth.

“Are you afraid to finish what you started,” he whispered in my ear.

“No I just don’t want to get caught. People get arrested for things like this.” I replied scanning the parking lot. “Maybe we should take this inside. To your room.”

“We can go inside. But first I’m going to fuck you right here. Right now,” he said shooting me another handsome smile. Then he spun me around.

My pussy throbbed with excitement. I pushed the last bit of fear out of my head. I pulled my panties down to my mid-thigh, and tutted my ass outward so he could have better access. I felt him pull his dick out behind me. Then he smacked me on my ass with it a couple of times.

“I hope you like it rough,” he said before pushing his dick inside my pussy and shattering me to pieces.

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What He Won’t Do: Part 1

And just like that it was over! I rolled over on my side and glared at the back of his head. I didn’t even get close to an orgasm. How could a man so fine be so goddamn lame when it came to his sex game? Better yet, how could a man with nothing short of nine inches completely miss my g-spot? Now that shit defied science!

Nick and I had been dating for eight months. But we’d only waited three weeks before we’d had sex on top of his brand new Bentley. That night, he’d eaten my pussy under the stars before we’d made passionate love right there in his driveway. I recalled being a little tipsy, but now I was convinced that I must have been outright drunk. I’d have had to be drunk to mistake his boring ass stroke for mad passionate love. And I didn’t even want to think about his pussy eating skills. I mean, that first night must have been a fluke. I remember squirting in his mouth if I didn’t remember anything else. But that had been my first and last time experiencing anything close to satisfaction in the oral sex realm.

I did my best to train him. I even made him watch pornos, and read self-help books. But none of that had transferred into the bedroom. What was worse is that he refused to try anything kinky. Maybe if he’d fuck me in my ass or indulge in a little role play or at least use the whip and nipple clamps I’d picked up from Naughty Mates…just maybe our sex life would have improved a little. If nothing else, he could have at least made sure I got mine first.

Was I asking for too much? I thought it over for about a second and then settled on a definite HELL NO. I moved closer and reached my hand around his waist. I palmed his dick and began stroking it slowly. I’d made up my mind. Tonight, he was going to fuck me right or else.

“Jazz haven’t you had enough?” he said before rolling over to lay on his stomach. This effectively blocked me from being able to play with his dick. I almost yelled out in frustration.

“Nick, we need to talk,” I said nudging his shoulder blade.

“About what?” he murmured into his pillow.

Was he really going to lay there and act like he didn’t know?! I tried to think of a nice way to put it. But what more could I say that hadn’t already been said? I’d done everything in my power to get him to see the light. This time the gloves where coming off…

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Stripping For My Doctor: Game On

The next day, I walked into the clinic’s waiting room determined to execute my plan. After checking in with the receptionist, I took a seat. Then I checked to make sure the knot was secured on my pea coat. I didn’t want it accidently falling open in a room full of strangers.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, a young woman sporting a pixie cut walked from behind a set of double doors. “Ms. Jackson? Lisa Jackson?” she called out scanning the room before looking back down at her clipboard. I stood and followed her. With each stride, I could feel the bud between my thighs tightening until the friction was almost unbearable. By the time we made it to Dr. Rice’s office, the seat of my panties was completely soaked. She tapped on the door, turned the knob, and then disappeared back down the hallway.

I walked in, closed the door behind me, and then locked it. At the sound of the click, Brian looked up from his paperwork. His hazel eyes landed on me. What the hell was it about this man that made me feel like an insecure little girl every time he looked at me? Yesterday he’d dominated me. Today would be different. I pushed my nerves as far away from me as I could, and stepped away from the door. Game on!

“I wasn’t expecting you until Friday Lisa. Is something wrong?” he asked. His demeanor was cool, but his eyes betrayed him. They were dark with lust. Oh yes, he knew exactly why I’d come. I didn’t answer him. Instead, I loosened the knot on my coat allowing it to fall in a pool around my feet.

“Lisa, I don’t think this is a good idea. Yesterday, I overstepped my boundaries. But you are my patient. This can’t go on.” He walked from behind the desk and picked up my coat. “You should leave,” he said as he stretched it out towards me.

I felt as if he’d just slapped me. Yesterday, he’d refused to let me leave his bedroom, but today he was putting me out of his office? The rejection caused the back of eyes to burn. I would not cry. I lifted my chin in defiance and removed my bra. He inhaled sharply, but didn’t move toward me.

His eyes darkened to something lethal. “You’re playing with fire Lisa.”

I ignored his warning and pulled my panties down. This time he took a step forward, causing me to take a step back. “Stop,” he ordered his eyes blazing. I did as I was told. He closed the distance between us, and cup both my breasts in his hands. He used his thumbs, rubbing them across my nipples until they harden and begged for more. I could feel my body start to tremble under his touch. “Do you like this?” he asked watching me. Studying me. I couldn’t find the strength to answer him. The feeling was so erotic that I was on the verge of an orgasm and he wasn’t even touching my pussy yet.

“Answer me!”

“Yes. I like it.” I said sucking in air.

“Damn,” he said. Then his mouth was on mine. The kiss was hard and punishing. He seemed angry. But why? I pushed the question out of my mind. It didn’t matter. He wanted me. I saw it in his eyes, and I could feel more evidence of it against my stomach. His dick was rock hard.

After several moments he picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. When we made it to his desk, he sat me down on it. Then he pushed two fingers inside me as he rubbed his thumb against my clitoris. Pain and pleasure mixed, and I felt myself contract around him in a body numbing orgasm. Before I could recover, he was on his knees.

His lips were on my clitoris and then he was sucking my pussy softly. Electric currents shot through my entire body causing it to jerk involuntarily. I tried to run away from the sweet torture, but Brian wrapped his arms around my legs and pulled me back to the edge of the desk locking me in place. The pleasure escalated until I found myself pushing forward against his tongue. I could feel the second orgasm coming. The sensation was so powerful, so utterly mind-blowing that I tried to push his head away for fear that I might lose my sanity. He grabbed both my hands and held me in place until my body convulsed around him. This time I heard a loud squeal escape my throat. And then his lips crashed down on mine muffling the sound.

“Take a deep breath, and don’t clench up,” he commanded as he prepared to enter me.

“Wait, I want to taste you,” I pleaded.

“Lisa, I need to be inside you. Now!” He moaned the words into my ear as he rested his head on my shoulder. I thought over his plea. I’d never wanted to taste anyone’s dick as bad as I wanted to taste his at that moment. I pushed him backwards and fell to my knees…taking him inside my mouth before he could object again.

I twirled my tongue around the head several times, and then I began to deep-throat his dick. Each time the head hit the back of my throat, I swallowed hard. A little trick I’d learned from the internet. This allowed me to take him in even further. I heard him moan loudly and wondered if anyone in the building knew what was going on behind the doors of his office. For some reason the thought turned me on even more, and I found myself sucking him harder. I added my hand and began to stroke him as I continued my tongue play. I wanted to make him come. And I wanted him to do it in my mouth. I wasn’t sure what had come over me, I’d never let anyone do that before. But then again none of those other guys had been Dr. Brian Rice.

“Stop it Lisa, you’re going to make me nut damnit!” I heard him moan the words out, and I double my efforts to do just that. But then he pulled me up, leaned me against the desk and pushed inside me with one swift motion filling me completely. He stilled long enough to allow me a few gulps of air before beginning a slow agonizing rhythm inside me. His strokes became faster and faster until his thrusts were rocking my entire body. I matched him, wrapping my arms around his neck for support as I grinded against his dick. He continued to smash into my g-spot causing me to orgasm again.

Brian didn’t stop even though I pleaded with him to. His dick continued to stroke my soul, reaching into a part of me that I didn’t even know existed. I felt as though he was casting a spell on me, and I was helpless to stop it. “What are you doing to me?” I heard myself cry out over and over again as I pressed my face against his neck. Then I felt his body go still right before his dick began to softly jump inside me.

He laid his head on my shoulder while inhaling deep breaths. After a few moments, he began to kiss me. Slowly and softly. I found myself become aroused again and began to slowly rock back and forth against him until I felt him growing inside of me. He let out a low groan in my ear. “No Mrs. Jackson, I think the better question is what are you doing to me?”

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Stripping For My Doctor

“Your robe, take it off,” he said. He placed his hands on either side of him and leaned back on the bed. The movement caused the muscles in his arms and shoulders to ripple. I licked my lips. Damn. His intense stare was making my nerves peak, but I silenced them and did as I was told. I tugged at the knot I’d tied, and the robe fell open. I let it slide to the floor, revealing the lingerie top and panty set. His eyes roamed the length of my body appreciatively. I was thankful that I’d packed the outfit.

“Now your top.”

I looked over at the wine bottle. I really needed a drink to help calm my nerves. Why hadn’t he offered me one before he made me strip down in front of him?

“Later,” he said following my gaze and then looking back at me. “The top. Take it off.”

Was it just me or did Dr. Rice appear to be enjoying my nervousness. My eyes landed on his tattoo, and suddenly in the dim light he looked dangerous. Almost like a predator, and I was his prey. What had I gotten myself into?

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come.” I eyed the door, ready to make my escape. When I looked back at Brian, his eyes had darken to something lethal. I quickly picked my robe up and tied it back around my waist. I was way out of my league here. I made my move, half walking, half jogging to the door. By the time I grabbed the knob and pulled, he placed his hand against the door. Hard. How did he make it over so fast? It slammed back shut. Fuck. He’d effectively trapped me between it and himself.

He used his free hand to move my hair behind my ear, and then leaned in close. “What’s the rush?” he whispered as he softly caressed my lobe with his tongue. I almost fainted. I tried to turn around to face him, but he held me in place.

“I told you in the car there’d be no backing out. But let’s make another deal. If you’re wet, you stay. If you’re not, I’ll let you leave. Okay?” He asked in a low seductive tone. I placed my head against the cool door unable to think straight let alone speak. I’m fucked.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He reached his hand around and slipped one finger underneath my panties grazing the bud there. The assault caused me to orgasm almost instantly. My body convulsed, and I bit my lip to muzzle the moan. My legs betrayed me, they buckled without warning. Luckily Brian broke my fall.

“Oh my. Very wet,” he said removing his hand from between my legs. “It looks like you’re staying.” He spun me around. Now I was standing in front of him and he was leaning against the door. Blocking the exit.

“Strip.” He commanded.

And I obeyed.

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